Thursday, September 22, 2005

Keep families together, keep neighborhoods together, and bring the pets!

The out islands protecting Galveston Bay are looking like a ghost town this morning, as the massive evacuation of 60,000 residents has gone so much more smoothly than in New Orleans. The key to getting residents to evacuate Galveston two days before landfall of Rita is keeping families and neighbors together, and providing reasonable assurance of security; plenty of troops.
Oh, and please, bring your pets!
The outcry of those who had to leave their pets behind in disorganized fleeing of flood waters in the aftermath of Katrina, and the heart wrenching video of desperate family "members" struggeling to swim to rescue boats, is now recognized as unnessary. I have called many times for keeping families together in emergency plans.
Now, think about this, can anyone imagine why a blind woman would be asked to leave her guide dog behind? No service animals allowed in emergency evacuations? Truely hard to imagine, sometimes, man's inhumanity to man. It is no wonder people with disabilities, who have long been "left behind" would choose to stay behind with man's best friend!
Houston, we are with you!


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