Thursday, September 22, 2005

What the Chronicle failed to include in today's edition!

Hi Deb Eisner, editor, Cambridge Chronocle, I have "cut" the sentance that "endorses" so I hope you will run this?

BTW I did not recieve in the mail the tax info that was just sent.


To the editor -- This year's property tax increase falls disproportionately on senior citizens and people with disabilities. It's forcing them to make hard choices about going into public housing or nursing homes rather than stay in their own home.

This will drive taxes up for everyone else in the long run, because it's more expensive to support people in public housing than in their own home. People on Disability SSI have a maximum fixed income of $693 per month, and seniors also have fixed limited income. When taxes and fees for service approach 25% of that fixed income, those people are forced out of their homes.

The City Council's tax increase last year pushed many people on fixed income into that category -- where their property taxes exceeded their ability to pay. That's not an affordable housing policy -- it's a policy that pushes the most vulnerable homeowners out of their homes.

We need to fix this problem. I have attended the meetings the special tax committee has held, and have followed up on the Senior Town Meeting reports.
I have confidence that the City needs to understand thoroughly the issue of the disparate burden of property taxes on senior citizens and people with disabilities, in order to take the effective action necessary to insure our most vulnerable homeowners are not displaced.

Yours very truely, Kathy Podgers, Pearl St
I had hoped this letter would have run in today's edition of the Chronicle, as there is a special City Council meeting at 5:30 this evening, especially to "host" the Mass delegation on "The Hill." Now I wonder, what was the REAL reason the Chronicle didn't print my lketter to the editor?


At Friday, September 23, 2005 2:34:00 PM, Blogger imfunnytoo said...

Even the wire services will sometimes publish stories and editors of individual newspapers will edit out "People With Disabilities" language before publishing...

We're not on "the list"

whatever in the heck that is...

:) Test comment


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