Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What is an emergency exit?

Tue, 28 Mar 2006 13:14:21 -0800 (PST)
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Taking photographs of rear entrance inside City Hall is not against the law and where is the emergency exit?
"Mayor Ken Reeves"
"Kathy Podgers"

Dear Mayor Reeves,

Today I went to rear entrance/exit at City Hall to make some measurements, and take some more photographs in the daytime.

Your staff person, appeared, and I asked him if the back entrance leading to the parking at the rear of City Hall was the emergency exit. He informed me he did not know. I showed him the car immediately outside the door, and blocking the walkway, and took a photo of it.

Your staff person told me I couldn't take photos inside City Hall. I then took a couple more, and told him I believed that City Hall was a public building and I thought it would be OK to take pictures. He repeted that it was against the law.

I asked him again if this exit was the emergency exit, and he replied it was the handicapped exit.

I am formally requesting that you have emercency exit signs placed in the appropiate, and required places, so folks can find their way out, should there be an emergency.

Furthermore, please have formal training for staff in City Hall, so they, and any of the public who may ask, will know where and how to exit City Hall. I would think staff would need to know where the emergency exits are, so in an emergency, they can direct members of the public out safely.

Please inform your staff person, that I have spoken with Lt Ahearn, of the Cambridge Police, and he informed me that your staff person is incorrect. I have been assured, by the police, that I have committed no crime by taking a photo from the inside of City Hall, and showing there is no sign marking this exit as an emergency exit.

Please respond to this e-mail, and let me know what action you are taking in this matter.


Kathy Podgers
148 Pearl St
Cambridge MA 02139
March 28, 2006


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