Sunday, October 30, 2005

Haunt The Mayor!


Just love the work John is doing raising awareness about brick sidewalks, walkways! We also have this problem in Cambridge MA. I objected when the City Council passed a policy order recently, asking Harvard to pave everything with bricks! I was ignored, and the order was adopted. I do hope Harvard has more comm0n sense, and ignors it!

Then another order was adopted in City Council requesting a report on the City's policy re brick sidewalks. The fact is the Cambridge Commission on Disabilities objected to the use of bericks in the new renovations of Harvard Square, but their objecions were ignored, and it is my understanding that millions of taxpayers dollars will be used to pave Harvard Square with bricks, thereby limiting access to thousands of PWD's with mobility problems, not to mention pregnant women and cute young things in high heels!

The use of bricks in Cambridge in the past was based on the fact that it was the least expensive paving, not because it was "beautiful." We should follow this "historical" president, and continue using the less expensive concrete to pave Harvard square, so we can look at the beautiful, and Historic buildings, instead of looking at the bricks under our feet so we don't trip and fall.


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