Friday, September 23, 2005

Naughty girl, you have to follw the rules!

No Lunch For Me Today At Senior Center!!

After going to the meeting re property taxes this
Morning at City Hall, I returned home to rest. I
Called S.P. about signing up for the City’s Snow
Exemption Program, and was told an aid had been
Trying to call me. So I gave her my cell, as normally
I do not answer my land line, which is downstairs. I
Also asked if she would provide for me a copy of this
years application and info, she said she would leave
it for me at the front desk.

After a brief rest, back up and out, to the Senior Center,
where I can print my e-mails. I arrived a few min
before noon, and thought I would have lunch if they had
enough. I asked at the desk if I needed to get a “ticket”
and was told, no, just get in line. At the cafeteria I walked
in and was told no late lunch until 12pm, and to sit down,
but there were no chairs, so I went upstairs. Af 12 I returned
down to the cafeteria, and was in line with my things
set up on my tray…

“Do you want soup?” she asked, “What is it?” I amswered.
“Vegetable soup.”, “Sure.” I replied. She carefully ladeled
it into a styro bowl, then asked “Do you have your “Senior
Dine” card?” I replied, confused, “I’m sorry, but what did
you say?” “Do you have your meals card?” “Oh, I don’t
have a card, but I am sure I qualify for it, but I have
never been asked for a card before, is this new?” “It’s a
couple of months, now. I can’t serve you if you don’t
have the card.”

The lady next to her said “Don’t wory, you can still get lunch,
Go over there, and wait in line, and fill out an application.” I
Told her I would go sit down, with all the stuff I was holding,
and could someone please give me the application. No, was
the answer, you have to go over there, and stand in line. I
explained that I was disabled, and not feeling well, and I
didn’t think I could balance the tray, and stand in line while
everyone was paying for their lunchs, and at the same time
fill out an application. “You look like you can walk ok to me,
no one is going to give you the form, you have to stand in line.

Hidden disability.

So, I went to sit doen, but there were no seats, and I was being
Yelled at that I had to stand in line and fill out the application. So,
I went to the front desk, to ask for Emma, and was told she was
not there. SP was called. I found a seat at a table in the hall, and
at down, shaking all over, now. When SP came I tried to tell her
what had happened, and what the problem was, but she told me
she didn’t need to here from me, and started excoriating me. “They
didn’t ask you to prove you are disabled.” Indeed. “No, SP. I told
them, and they didn’t believe it, and wouldn’t help.” SP not listening.
“I am going upstairs to the lab, now.” I told her. No form given to me.

No Stand In Line, No Application!

I put my things down in a chair, and went out to purchase a sandwich


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