Saturday, April 15, 2006

Front doors broken and rear doors locked at Senior Center, blocking ready access again!!!

Once again, ready access to the Senior Center here in Cambridge, MA is limited to those with the strength and endurance to fight their way in. The automatic door opener on the front doors is broken again, requiring folks using walkers and canes to pull open two sets of doors, while attempting to manage their locomotion.

Today, folks who use dedicated HP spaces in the rear of the senior center, cannot use the rear entrance. Nor are folks who have difficulty opening the double set of doors on the front entrance able to use the rear entrance. Indeed, there is no sign on the front entrance directing folks to the rear entrance, where the automatic door opener is working just fine!!

Why not?

Because today is Saturday, and unlike other days, the rear entrance is LOCKED for security reasons!

What does the ADA coordinator for the City say about this?

Gee, let me guess!

That's OK, it's City policy!


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