Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Really Really Big Mistake!

Loose gravel finally being swept up an removed from the walkways in Dana Park. The use of loose gravel is especially not allowed by the ADA. It is very hard to walk on, and creates a barrier to folks using wheel chairs and walkers. It is also tough for baby strollers.

However, now that the gravel is being removed it reveals another serious problem, a humpy, bumpy, uneaven survace, that fills up with puddles whenever we get even a little rain. There are tens of thousands of tiny sharp pieces of gravel sticking up from the "tar" that lays on top of the asphalt. The City spent over $800,000 renovating this park, and made many mistakes. This walkway surface is the biggest boondoggle of all!

Here you can still see the loose gravel on the right hand side, and on the left is the rough sharp pieces of gravel sticking up from the "tar." This rough surface can injur the pads on a dog's feet, which are delicate sense organs. It is also difficult to walk on with sandals, not to mention bare feet. A toddler who falls on this will get his hands and knees cut up. One wonders why in the world anyone would want this kind of surface in a daily use neighborhood park! What in the world were they thinking of?

This surface is uneven, and water collects in dozens of "valleys" as it cannot drain off. The tar that the gravel is embedded in is stuck like glue on top of asphalt.

These pools of water will be ice in the winter, making use of the park treaturous! Now folks can't walk without wearing boots, unlike sidewalks that are built properly.

Let's hope that the City never uses this surface treatment again in a neighborhood park!


At Tuesday, April 11, 2006 9:32:00 PM, Blogger Mystery Editor said...

It should be called ashurts instead of asphalt.


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