Saturday, April 29, 2006

Is Representative Government in Cambridge Out To Lunch?

Here we see one of the seniors who comes to the Senior Center in Cambridge Ma, on Fridays, using the lift to gain access to the Senior Shuttle. The Senior Center provides a great service to seniors, especially those on limited fixed income, and with disabilities. The oportunity to share a hot meal with others, to socailize in the afternoon, and to remain active and independent means a lot for this group of residents. For some, it is "their whole world."

The City Council has often spoken with pride about the Senior Center. Serving Seniors, it seems is good politics. The Mayor's Picnic will be May 9th. You can expect all the City Councillors to be there, making a good impression, and asking for seniors to vote for them in the next election.

But where is the representation of the interest of seniors? Is it not reflected in the City Goals? No?

A decision has been made to close the Senior Center on Friday afternoons. It means, among other things, no hot lunch on Fridays.

Do the City Councillors really expect that folks that use the senior shuttle, and come for lunch on Fridays don't mind if the senior center closes friday afternoons? No more hot lunch on friday. For many, this will mean no senior center on Friday. It will mean another day of isolation.

Do City Councillors expect that seniors and PWD's should form themselves into a group, write upo a petition, flood mailboxes with e-mails, make phone calls, and write letters to the editor, so they can convince the City council to reverse the decision to close the senior center on friday afternoons?

Where, I ask you, are the voices that should represent seniors?


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