Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Oh, where have you been, Michael Muehe, Michael Muehe?

On May 8, I went to the hearing at the Mass Architectural Access Board, re the City of Boston not bringing the cross slope on the sidewalks at Symphony Hall into compliance. On my way there, who should I espy, but none other than Michael Muehe, ADA Coordinator for the City of Cambridge. I was curious why he would be in Boston, at the same time as I, so I asked what was up. He told me he testified at an earlier hearing at the MAAB.

After I attended the hearing where Boston was ordered to correct the bad cross slope, by July 1, and fines were accessed retroactive to Nov 30, at $500 daily should they fail, I inquired about the earlier hearing that Michael Muehe had attended. I was informed that Michael had testified for the "applicant" for a variance to Trolly Sq. The "Applicant" claimed that they could not provide parking for handicapped vans in the underground garage because the entrance to the garage was too low.

A few days later, one of the commissioners on the Cambridge Commission For Persons With Disabilities told me that Michael had explained to him that they needed to support the varience, because if they had to correct the problem and provide parking in the garage for handicapped vans, it would drive up the cost of all the "affordable" units. I called the MAAB to see if I couuld get a copy of the testimony, and was told I would have to request it in writing, and that I should provide a "disk." It would take time. I was told that at the hearing they had said they would "take it under advisement."

Today I called to get an update, and found out that a letter had just been sent stating that the MAAB would continue this to June 15th, to allow the petitioner to correct the problem or submit plans for off street covered drop off area that could be converted to an off street covered parking place if needed.

I spoke with the Director, who explained that the MAAB denied the request for a varience at the incoming case review 2/27/06, because the applicant had not prove "impracticability." The "applicant" during the 30 day period applied for a hearing, and that was held on May 8th, at 10:30 am. Notice of this public hearing was sent to the locak Disability Commission, Michael Muehe, the Building Dept, BCIL and the Applicant.

I do not have the Docket Number for this case. I am not sure, but I do believe that interested parties can still submit writen comments, concerns, testimony to the MAAB. I will try to find out the proceedure for this, so, keep tuned. I have nothing in writing on this, so forgive me if I have inadvertantly mis-stated something I was told verbally. Please leave a comment or a correction.


At Monday, August 12, 2013 11:39:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

submit a PIR (Public Information Request )or FOIR Freedom of Information Request) to the MA AAB Executive Director via email, for a copy of the First Notice on that complaint. If you do not know the complaintaint then go onto the AAB web site and look at the agenda for May 8 then use that info to get a copy of the file, or just a copy of the First Notice, or a copy of the last correspondance sent to the Respondant from the AAB

Scott Ricker
Volunteer Access Advocate
Worcester MA


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