Friday, September 08, 2006

Does Chris Gabrieli March To A Winning Beat?

Chris Gabrieli demonstrates chrisma and enthusiasm just before entering the debate for democrats at Harvard last evening. Last to arrive, but clearly not least, even Reilly supporters grugingly admired his style, with one telling me "That is a great entrance!"

Charlie's Kitchen serves as the perfect backdrop for the populist style arrival of Chris Gabrieli in Harvard Square. Marching past supporters of the other Democratic candidates, Reilly and Patrick, Gabrieli showed how democrats can march into the Govenor's Office in November!

Chris Gabrieli's march to the Gubernatorial Debate ran the gauntlet of reilly and patrick supporters, catching them by surprise, and managing to attract the admiration of all. in Harvard Square. Will this strong showing attract the support he needs, and democrats need in order to finally take back the top political office here in Massachusetts?

Ever aware of the camera, co-eds smile as they man Deval Patrick's signs across the street at Reilly's supporters. Note Chris Gabrieli signs in the midst!

Unaware of the camera, Tom Reilly's supporters taunt Cgris Gabrieli Marchers as they pass by. Did Tom Reilly's supporters miss a great photo op?

Although how candidates arrived at the debate was not the focus of new's coverage last evening, the style of the three democrats was demonstrated in a real and clear way. Will this style translate to winning the party nomination and the election?