Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Jeff Bartley Welcomes Friends to the 15th Anniversary of Cantab's Popular Folk Nite

Jeff welcomes friends to the celebration of Cantab's 15th Anniversary of Folk Nite. This wonderful venue, held most Monday evenings for the past 15 years, is well loved and attended by experienced and budding song writers as well. drawing on local music schools and the Cambridge Community, Jeff attracts quality performers from across the country week after week to the delight of all!

A giant chockolat cake from Rosies tempted us all evening.

The house was packed with well wishers.

Bill McQuaid plays his 1931 National Style O single core ( Nickle Plated Brass) guitar, that some might refer to as a steel guitar.

Featured act, Scott Aleric, who has been heard on Prarie Home Companion, sang Bob Dylan's North Country Fair.

Christine slices the cake for a delicious finish to another wonderful open mike night at the Cantab!


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