Friday, November 17, 2006

All Shook Up!

Now that is a good sized claw!!

As you can see, the major part of the convent is down. Work is progressing with the removal of the foundation. As the development of Blessed sacrament continues, neighbors remain concerned about "colateral" damage to their own properties or to their health.

Today at aprox 2:30pm, folks were tossed from thier homes by the strong shaking of their foundations. I expierenced this problem before, during the razing and construction of Valentine Place. The City claims that no one's homes should suffer shaken house syndrome because there is no bedrock here in Cambridgeport, its all sand and clay. Well, that is the problem, as anyone can understand when one considers the widespread severe damage caused by earthquakes in Mexico City which is also built on sand. another neighbor and myself spoke with the developer, and I have been assured they will try alternative techniques for excavating the foundation. The shakin' has stopped, at least for now.


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