Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Councilor Decker presents City's appreciation to Fred Reece

Marjory did Fred right by speaking extensively about his many contribitions to the community over the years. This was taken during the September 14th meeting of Cambridgeport Neighborbood Association, previously known as the Dana Park Neighborhood Association.

Here you can see where we meet. It is in the community room at Woodrow Wilson Court. Although the room is small, it is "handicapped" accessible, with a ramp to the right of the stairs you see to the right.

Here, from left to right, is Bill August, president Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association, Marjory Decker, City Councilor, and Fred Reece. Fred is president of Woodrow Wilson association, and continues to be active in our community. They are displaying a suitibally engrossed copy of the City's appreciation.


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