Monday, August 21, 2006

Was The Asphalt Walkway in Dana Park Installed Properly?

Here is a section of Dana Park under re-construction. you can see markings on the old asphalt path and parts of the original grass. Some of the new stones that were incorporated into the new design are seen where they have been dropped. This curvy marking looks like it could be where they added a bench. The benches are set into the landscaping, so there is no space next to them where a person who uses a wheelchair or a scooter could sit.

This photo shown the asphalt being laid. The work site here is a mess, with uneven ground that even has truck tire tracks in it. It is no wonder that the result is an uneven surface that hes "Differential Displacement" a term used by Tariq during a Cambridge Commission for persons With disabilities meeting. What it means is without a proper foundation, the pathway will have uneven settling. a person who has difficulty walking, or who needs to use a walking aid such as a cane or a walker, will have a devil of a time traversing the multiple planes, and multiple angles.

Here is a detail I enlarged from another photo, to show the thickness, or should I say thinness, or the asphalt. Are they laying this right on the dirt? I wonder because at no time did I see them constructing the layers, or foundation my Dad constructed, when he put in his driveway and walkway years ago. A proper foundation is necessary, just like a sidewalk, or the result will be uneven settling, and constant and expensive maintenance, as we live in an area with seasonal changes, especially snow and ice. The above construction of this path in our dearly beloved Dana Park is a recipe for excluding persons who have difficulty walking, and/or use walking aids.


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