Sunday, October 15, 2006

Liz Casey Unseen America Photographer

"A camera is an instrument to help you see without the camera."

Dorothea Lange, American photographer, 1895-1965

What is Unseen America? Unseen America is an innovative arts project in which unseen members of our community document their own experience and describe their worlds with the assistance of professional photographers. This program gives those who are unseen the tools and opportunities to become seen.
The program embodies the transformative power of looking, for a moment, through another's eyes.
The goal is to amplify the creativity and vision of voices that often go unheard, and to use artistic expression as an exercise in democracy with the integration of these voices into the larger social and cultural fabric of the nation.
BTW, Liz is one of my friends who led an Access Survey Walk in July '05 to commemorate the 15th year Anniversary of the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1990, otherwise known as the ADA. (Americans with Disabilities Act)
For more information or the purchace of a book or print, please contact Jenny at 617 989 8051.


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