Sunday, October 15, 2006

Meet the Green-Rainbow Candidates for Governor and Luitenant Governor

Grace Ross is the Green Rainbow Candidate for governor of Massachusetts. Currently, in a 4 way race, polls show Grace with 1% of registered voters likely to vote for her. This is actually a huge percentage for a "third party" candidate.

This was taken at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Caring and Dignity Awards Ceremony to recognize leaders who have worked to provide quality, affordable healthcare to all Massachusetts health care and home care consumers. NONE of the other candidates for governor attended.

Behind Grace, you can see photos from the Unseen America project.

Below, Martina Robinson is running for Lieutenant Governor, as the Green Rainbow candidate. The election will be November 7th. She is on the "ticket" with Grace Ross. Actually, in Mass, there is no "ticket" and each office is elected separately. I have not seen any published polls for lieutenant governor.


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