Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Inside Sullivan Chamber

View of City Council meeting, taken Monday Nov 6. Mayoy ken Reeves is chairing the meeting. You can just see the heads of two city councilors seated to the right. Other councilors are in the "green room" that you can see on the far left, beyond the flag. The railing, of fence, divides the public seating from the City Council "chamber."
Here is a view that shows the podium where some stand to give testimony, and just in front is a table where some sit to give testimony. In this photo we can just barely see the top of the head of the City Manager. On the far left are desks where 4 more city concilors sit. There are also seats along the back wall. I see someone entering from the "green room" and perhaps that is Councilor Decker between the green room and flag.
Here is a view, from where I was seated throughout the meeting, of the entrance/exit to Sullivan Chamber. The seats are quite comfortable for me to sit in. However it is difficult to "slide" in so far down the ilse, and when many folks are in attendence, it requires folks "crawling over one another. i normally prefer to sit near the door, where I can get up and walk out side and back so I am not sitting too long. There are two unobstructed seats over there, one in the back which is also used by others with mobility disabilities, and the few seats to the right of this door, where there is also a great space for my service animal. You can just barely see those seats in this photo. The problem with sitting there is that Councilor Decker is seated at the desk colsest to the railing, so this seat would place my service animal within 10 feet of her. On Oct 16, outside of Sullivan Chamber, Sandy asked me if I would be willing to move my seat to the far side, due to Councilor Decker had not taken her allergie medicine that evening. I agreed immediately, and have sat in the back ever since.


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