Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cambridge City Council

September 25, 2006 Cambridge City Council on stairway to third floor where the City's in house law department employes eight attornies. The entrances to Sullivan Chamber are to the right. From left to right...first row, Councilor Michael Sullivan, past mayor for four years, Clerk of Courts elect, Michael's twin brother, Walter, is a Mass Commission Against Discrimination Commissioner; Councilor Brian Murphy, who sits on the far right side first desk nearest the back wall in Sullivan Chamber; Councilor Denise Simmons; City Clerk Margaret Drury, parlimentarian; Councilor Henrietta Davis; Councilor Marjory Decker, who sits at nearest public entrance to Sullivan Chamber; Councilor Anthony Galluccio.
Back row, left to right, Vice Mayor Tim Toomey, also serves as State House Representative; Assistant to City Council Sandy Albano; Mayor Ken Reeves who chairs the City Council Meetings; Deputy City Clerk Donna Lopez; Councilor Craig Kelley.

Hallway around the corner from the stairway where City Council posed, looking into the "green room" entrance to Sullivan Chamber used by City Councilors. There is actually a second small room in the back which is entered through a door to the right of the table and chairs, but which cannot be seen in this photo. Food is served here, during meetings, and councilors "hang out" while City Council meetings are in session. There is a monitor they use to watch the meeting.

There is as you can see a bench in the hallway, which faces the public entrance/door to Sullivan Chamber, to the right of the piano. This space is constantly busy during meetings, as both City Councilors, and the public "caucus" here, and news reporters interview folks.

Public entrance to Sullivan Chamber showing public seating area. There is a break in the fence between the public seating, and the City Council "chamber" nect to the podium in the middle. This door is across from the bench shown in the previous photo, and ajacent to the Mayor's office to the right.


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