Thursday, November 23, 2006

Giving Thanks

What A Sweety!

Time to give thanks for the wonderful gifts we have recieved this past year. First, I wish to thank the Whites for giving me their beautiful purebred Siberian Husky, White's Shannon. Thank you White family, Shannon has been a dream come true.

Here is Shannon fooling around. She is just being silly. I had my hands full training her, as she was just two years old and full of Husky spirit. The "trick" is to train her without breaking her spirit. The best book I know about taining, or teaching, for that matter, is Smokey, The Cow Horse. Shannon is quite submissive for a Husky, and an eager learner. She is willing to work hard to learn what is allowed, and not allowed, and when she is "working" and when it is OK to just be silly. I have trained animals before, and trained thouroghbred race horse, so the training skills are well known, but the transmission of "working together as partners" is most important.

I want to thank my dear friend and neighbor for taking me to pick up Shannon, and helping me to train her, and going for walks together.

I want to thank all those who worked over the years to create a "dog park." Thanks to Skip Schloming, for his advice and support, and most especially, to the Cambridge Historic Commission for modifying their policies to accomodate a Dog Park at the most wonderful Fort Washington Park! All the dogs love it! Here is a shot of Shannon on the embankment with our Colours flying proudly above.

Hope your day is filled with wonders to be thankful for, too. Take care, Shannon and Kathy


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