Monday, April 09, 2007

City Council in Brief

City Council meeting was well attended with a multitude of speakers, and lasted for hours and hours, not breaking up intil midnight, as your favotite councillors pontificated on one issue after another. Many who had signed up to speak went home without speaking as the hours draged by.

Councillors waffled on the dogs, grass and medalion issues at Fresh Pond, one point that caught the attention was the enforcement and issuing of medalions before the City Council had voted/approved the program. city solicitor took the side of the Water Department.

Policy Order re Opposition to Urban Ring Phase II did not succeed, in spite of an excellently writen policy order by Craig Kelley, and impassioned speakers, and a letter to the editor at the Cambridge Chronicle supporting the order. Henrietta Davis tabled it, so it will be on the agenda until it is removed. Anyone who wishes can speak on this at the next Council meeting.

Policy Order supporting the UN Convention on Disability Rights passed. Yea!! As founder for Citizens for Feasible Compliance I wish to thank Craig Kelley for the effort and research he put into this order, and which resulted in raising awareness.

(oops, where did my colour go??)

The Cioty Managers Item #3 re response to request for info re the City's snow clearing efforts after the Valentine Day storm was not tabled, but placed on file. There was some discussion on this, and comments that more needs to be done. That is an understatement, and the same old rhetoric!! Enough is enough!

All the City Councillors were still in their seats at midnight, a record I am sure!!


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