Sunday, March 18, 2007

City of Cambridge Plows Street Snow Onto Sidewalks

This is the corner of Crp McTiernan at Pearl St. It makes a T. In the photo above you are looking down McTiernan Street toward a large pile of snow that the plow pushed down Cp McTiernan St, across Pearl St, and onto the sidewalk. Of course, it takes up a parking space as well. In the photo below you can see the impression of the plow blades on the heaps of snow.

The photo below shows what happens when this much snow is pushed into a parking space and onto the sidewalk. This is the backside of the piles of snow. You can see how the snow falls and slides down onto the sidewalk. What on earth is the City thinking? Abbuttors are required by the City to shovel their sidewalks shortly after the snow stopps falling. However, are the abuttors expected to shovel heavy street snow, too? This is an outrage! The result of this poor practice is some abuttors are actually shoveling snow from the streets. This pile is so huge it won't melt for a long time!


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