Saturday, February 10, 2007

MBTA bus driver from "xxxx"

Returning home on Thursday Feb 8, as I entered bus #2272, at Central Sq bus stop on Mass Ave at Pearl, route 47, in Cambridge MA at 10:50pm, the bus driver hit me with a stream of verbal abuse. She demanded I tell her is the elderly gentlemen, who had been sitting in the freezing cold wailting over 1/2 hour for the bus, was "drunk." How would I know? I responded. I'm not gonna let him on the bus, look at him, he's been drinking!

I looked at the elderly man as he struggled to his feet, and hobbled toward the bus. Another passenger assisted him on, as the bus driver ordered him off the bus and called the police, as I steped forward to take his arm. What she told me when I informed her he was having trouble walking because he was old and stiff from waiting for so long, was she wasn't letting him on because he might fall and sue the MBTA! (there was no liquer on his breath)

Together the other passenger and I helped him to a seat. The bus driver screashed at me not to assist him in any way and to get off the bus. Another passenger said, "We don't have time for this, I have to get to work."

The bus driver was pouring lies into the phone which we all thought she was talking to the police. And screeching at the elderly gentleman to get off the bus. So I called the non emergency number of Cambridge Police, and asked to be put thru to MBTA police. They did NOT put me thru to MBTA police. They kept asking what is the emergency. Hello? First I didn't call the emergency number. Second, we have the verbal abuse and refusal of service by a bus driver that is, while I am speaking, calling in a false (police) report!! Third, It actually is an emergency if she puts him off, after he has been sitting in freezing cold waiting for the bus. Next bus isn't for another 45 min!

Can you say Human Rights Abuse??

So, the police informed me they were on the way, but the bus driver took off, after she ejected the elderly gentleman.

Then she refused to let me off at my stop! I was on the phone with the police again. She screeched at me, "This isn't your stop and I am not letting you off here. I know you, and this is not your stop!" I demended she open the doors, at Lawrence St, and put on the announcement. she refused to open the doors, even though she had stopped at Lawrence St, and drove down to Erie St. I had to walk all the way back to Lawrence St. Thank goodness I have a service dog to help me, unlike that elderly gentleman!

What kind of "service" is this?


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