Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Ari Fund for VetDogs

Ari Schiff is making a difference with a selfless effort to raise money in support of disabled vets who need a service dog. He has been interviewed by news media including the Chichago Tribune, and folks across America are getting the news out.

Ari is only 17 now, but he was impressed with the story of a Marine he met last summer. When he asked the marine how he could help, the Marine responded make a donation to the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind which runs a program called VetDog which paies a service dog with a disabled vet. These institution trained dogs are expensive, and in this case are $30,000.

"Ari wants to make a difference in the life of just one veteran. He wants that veteran to know that America is grateful for his or her service and to do that, Ari needs to raise $30,000.

I cannot image what it would be like to lose your sight, your arms, use of your legs, or any of the other horrific tragedies too many of our veterans who need service animals have quietly borne for us in service of our country" quoted from Brad Thor, author, as posted on

Here is a quote from Anne L. Molinarolo in response to Brad Thor's comment on "Mr. Thor has sealed the deal-he has both a reader and a puchaser of ALL of his books-with his story of Ari and his quest to help this Marine. I challenge all of Mr. Thor's readers to match his donation. If you can't, give what you can! Brad Thor is not only a talented writer, he is a kindhearted Patriot. "

Please watch this spot for updates!!

Ari has requested that ...
Please make out your checks to "The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind," and in the memo section, if you could write the "Ari Fund for VetDogs," that would be great. You can send those checks to:
Ari Schiff
c/o Cary G. Schiff and Associates
134 N. LaSalle Suite 1135 Chicago, IL 60602

Here is the article:
ARI SCHIFF, 17, is a typical middle-class teen. His cell phone offers a weird greeting. He enjoys the outdoors. He's thinking about college. But the Lincolnwood resident has an atypical goal: He wants to raise $30,000 to help a wounded American vet.It began last August when he met a U.S. Marine captain on a Colorado rafting trip and they began talking about Iraq. The captain was recovering from a wound that had put him into a coma. He had also just attended the funeral for one of his men.
"I'd been looking for a charity to raise money for," says Schiff, a junior at Chicago's Francis W. Parker School. "I asked him if he knew any that benefit soldiers. He recommended the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind."The foundation runs a program called VetDog, which provides service dogs to disabled vets. Not just those who have lost their vision in battle, but those who are missing limbs. The dogs fetch things, provide balance and support, alert others in an emergency and give companionship to someone fighting psychological issues. The problem: Each dog and its training costs $30,000."My aim is to sponsor one dog and one vet," says Ari, who'd like to attend the U.S. Naval Academy. "I love dogs and have great respect for soldiers, and I thought this project would combine the best of both worlds."So far, he's raised only $1,500, mostly by hitting up teachers and friends. He intends to go door to door in his neighborhood next. But to reach his 30K goal, he will need a lot of help. An appearance on two radio shows yielded only one donation. Here's a chance to show that print beats radio. Contact Ari at and offer your money or time.It's one feel-good way to start 2007.

Congratulations Ari, on your committment and vision!


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