Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cambridge Police Permit Illegal Use of MBTA Bus Stop As Loading Dock

Photo above shows a UPS driver parked in the MBTA bus stop on Mass Ave outbound at Prospect, Central Sq, in Cambridge MA. He has several 2 foot by 2 foot boxes on the street, and a 4 foot dolly blocking the use of the bus stop by MBTA busses. The loading zone in front of the bus is being used by the cambridge police. They were not "on a job."

Round two, this photo shows the UPS driver has returned from delivering those large boxes, and is loading the dolly with more packages for another delivery to be made across the street.Both the truck and the loading area blocked the bus stop for the 1/2 hour that I watched. No busses were able to drive into the bus stop, and curb, so passengers could use the new million dollar feature, low floors so people with disabilities and seniors can board the bus.

When the bus stop is blocked by illegal use, such as parked, standing, loading vehicles, the bus cannot pull into the bus stop. In this photo, please see how it remains well into the street, blocking both the single travel lane as well as the bike lane. The MBTA agreed to settle a suit brought by BCIL, and has promised to stop discriminating based on disability. They have promised to curb the bus so seniors and PWD's can take advantage of these accessible busses. however, when the bus cannot enter the bus stop, they cannot curb the bus. Passengers must board while standing in the street. Transportation is a fundamental right, and the MBTA must provide service to PWD's, however, they need, and have asked for cooperation in keeping the bus stops free from illegal use. The Cambridge Police, however, have repetedly refused to enforce the law. One police officer identified himself as "officer friendly" and another "informed" me that he had thew "discretion" to decide how the bus stop should be used.

Above see one of the police cruisers, using the loading zoan. These officers refused my request to enforce the law, and told me he would drive around, and when he came back if the truck was still using the bus stop as a loading platform he would ask him to move. Gee, isn't that just another way of saying, it's OK with me if he uses the bus stop as a loading platform? I do not know how long the UPS truck was there. I came upon this illegal opperation at 1:30pm, and it continued until 2pm, even though I asked several police officers to put a stop to it.

Why are the laws not enforced? Why should the single lane of traffic, the bike lane and the bus stop be blocked like this? Why do the police believe they have a "right" to give "permission" to UPS to use the bus stop as a loading zoan? What does "no standing" mean, anyway?


At Saturday, February 24, 2007 2:37:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cambridge is the 5th most densely populated city in the entire US. The cops have to allow illegal parkers slide as long as they don't completely obstruct traffic.

Everyone is entitled to a little "consideration". If you don't like it, move to LA where the cops are super strict, even arresting jaywalkers and minor bicycle violators who don't possess valid photo ID.

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