Thursday, February 15, 2007

City of Cambridge Plows Snow Into MBTA Bus Stops Blocking Access

Yesterday I observed the City's contractor plow snow INTO the MBTA bus stop, even as I motioned to him it was a bus stop, and shouted to him to plow the snow OUT of the bus stop. There was a plow and additional vehicles leading and monitoring the plow's work.

The photo above, shows my service dog wondering how she will get me onto the bus, as we wait at the MBTA bus stop on brookline St at Granite. Below, the long shot of the MBTA bus stop shows the treated street snow piled up in the MBTA bus stop, effectively preventing any but a snow goat from getting across and into the bus. The bus cannot be curbed, so the wheelchair ramp will be useless. This stop is in the middle of a long sidewalk, and one cannot quickly walk around to the corner and back to the bus. This part of Brookline Street has been turned into a highway of sorts, a-la urban ring, so folks risk their lives if they stand in the street to wait for the bus.

The City must instruct the plows to slow down, and plow the snow out of the MBTA bus stops, not into them. Perhaps this indentation design for bus stops is not a good idea anyway!


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