Monday, December 17, 2007

Cambridge City's Snow Exemption Program

In the photo above you can see that the carpet of tramped down snow turned to ice has melted down to 3" deep. No one can walk on this, much less People With Disabilities, or Seniors. The City of Cambridge has a duty to shovel the snow from the sidewalks that abutt the properties of our most vulnerable citizens. However, the City has failed.

Here is a photo of the dahanhewy Park crew skedadleing after they discovered that the siodewalk was solid ice. They tried a couple of shovel strilkes at the solid 3" thick ice, then gave upo, jumped in the pick up and took off. I just caught them as they were taking off down Pearl Street.

Marie Liman, DPW informed me today, that the DPW was no longer responmsible for clearing snow and ice from the sidewalks abutting property of folks on the City's Snow Exemption Program. She explained that the Paul Ryder, 617 349 6229, at the Dept of Human Services was responsible. I found out from Anita Rhodinburg (sp) that this crew was responsible for

1. Dahany Park, all the parking lots there, and the abutting sidewalk there.

2. Blanchard Rd sidewalk abutting the golf course.

3. Ringe Rd abutting the cementary.

4. 8 Child Care Centers located at the Public Schools

5. 65-75 Sidewalks abutting properties of folks on the City's Snow Exemption Program.

As you can see from the photos, no one cleared any snow from this sidewalk, nor did they treat it with anti icing. Innfact no one has cleared snow nor treated for icing after any of the 3 storms we had this year.


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