Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mayor Ken Reeves and City Manager Bob Healy pull another fast one on neighbors concerned with crime in Cambridge

Above is a photo, taken at night, of flowers tied to a tree that marks the location where Corey Davis was gunned down on a quiet tree lined street in Cambridgeport, only 2 blocks from my home.

Fatal Cambridge shooting stuns family-oriented neighborhood
By Chris Helms and Thomas Caywood/ Cambridge Chronicle and Boston HeraldMonday, March 20, 2006 - Updated: 01:38 PM EST

Neighbors were concerned, naturally, with the continuing violence that raged across Cambridge, and we circulated a petition, and clamored for a special committee to address the complex problems that resulted in the shedding of blood on sidewalks right in front of our homes.

City Council passed an order setting up such a neighborhood crime task force, and finally a meeting was schedualled. A meeting as secret and closed as the Mayor's travel receipts. More clamor from neighbors resulted in the meeting being reschedualled, and notice to the public. The first meeting was held during the day when folks who were working could not attend. More clamor and finally the meeting was schedualled for the evening. The only problem it is in direct conflict with neighborhood meetings!!!!

Why are the hardworking, decent folks who are my neighbors being jerked around like this??

Here is the comment I left on the Mayor's Blog hosted by the Cambridge Chronicle...

"Dear Mayor Reeves, I sure can appreciate your argument for privacy, which is part of my complaint about the police action called by you on Oct 30, 2006, and the repeted attempt of the police and others to intimidate me, threaten me with (another false) arrest, threat and attempt to illegally confiscate my service animal. Not to mention comments re your mistaken view that I am mental.

The fact is, neither I nor my service dog has ever hounded you on your travel expenses.

But I do wish that you would hold the “neighborhood” Crime Task Force at a time when I and my neighbors can attend, and not during neighborhood meetings, which presents a direct conflict.

So, please do enjoy your dinners out at my expense, but cut the nonsense, and hold these important, criticle “Neighborhood” Crime Task Force meetings at a time when the neighbors can attend.


Below is the letter I submitted to my neighborhood list serve, please do comment as you like.

Hi folks, in case you were hoping the police update at tomorrow's CNA meeting would include an update on when the next meeting of the Neighborhood Crime Task Force would be held, and if it would be at a time and place convenient so
Cambridge residents and neighbors who work could attend, Mayor Ken Reeves and the City Manager have schedualled it in direct conflict with various neighborhood meetings, and in conflict with the Cambridge Commission for Persons With Disabilities meeting!!

The "Crime Task Force" meeting is schedualled for Thursday, April 12, at 6:30pm at City Hall Annex.

Residents, neighbors, and PWDs interested in hearing Myra Berloff from Mass Office of Disabilities, guest speaker, will not be able to be in two places at one time.

Is the Mayor or the City Manager out so out of touch with
the neighborhoods, and PWDs, that they do not know when the neighborhood associations hold their meetings? Or is this just an in your face reaction to our continued support for this committee being open to the public?

take care


At Tuesday, April 24, 2007 2:05:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow I guess there is alot going on that people don't know about as usual. Thanks for the info.


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