Thursday, December 20, 2007

Six Hours after signs without dates were posted on Magazine and Pearl St this car was towed

Wed evening this car was towed by the City of Cambridge from Pearl St at Lawrence St. Emergency no parking signs had been posted only six hours earlier in the same day, at 3pm. I called DPW, and the Cambridge Police to voice my opinion that yes, we needed to remove the excess snow that had encroached upon the street to the point that the MBTA bus could not travel down the street without having an accident and brushing into cars parked on either side. However, I explained that many folks who had cars parked pon the odd side of the street had gone to work before the signs were posted, or were working double shifts, and had not yet returned home from work.

DPW trucks trundled along Pearl Street around 8 pm announcing Cars parked on the odd numbered side of the street must be moved or they will be ticketed or towed. Only folks who were home could here this anouncement. I find it patently unfair to peanilize residents who park their cars on the street because they do not have driveways for the City's failure to plan better.

Here is one of the signs planted in snow banks anlog both Pearl and Magazine Street. There is no date nor time, but all residents I spoke with who turned ont to see the planned mass towing opperation informed me the signs were not there before 3pm. I called a City Councillor and the Chronicle, and the police, again, and apparently this mass towing event was nipped in the bud, because, as I was told later by DPW snow removal crew, we didn't get the signs up in time.


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