Thursday, December 20, 2007

Will the shovels be used to clear snow from curb ramps?

Sometimes the large equipment used by DPW inadvertantly knocks huge chunks of heavy street treated snow into the already shoveled curb ramps , blocking access. I have documented this problem several times. This has been a matter of discussion at Cambridge Commission for Persons With Disabilities, where folks are repetedly, and eronesoly told that private property owners are responsible for clearing snow from City sidewalks and curb ramps. Please referr to previous snow and curb ramp posts.

Below is a photo of a DPW truck with shovels. When I asked if the snow that fell into the curb ramps would be removed, I was told "Thats what the shovels are for." However, I observed the shovels being used to "pull down" snow from plowed up piles onto the street so the snow could be collected in the bucked and deposited into the dump truck. I haven't been back to check the curb ramps yet today, as, gee wiz, its snowing again!!


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